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  Sea Kayaking  
  1. Suitable for beginners. Mostly calm waters with little current, some sea breeze to be expected. Light chop.

  2. Suitable for those with limited experience has done at least 5 one day trips. Able to paddle 6 hours / 20km. in a day. While most paddling is in sheltered waters, there are some exposed points. Some swell up to 1.5m.

  3. Must have kayaked within last 6 months. Has done multi day kayak trips before and is able to paddle 35km. in a  day. Some extended open ocean crossings with few places to land. Landings may be steep or surfy.

  4. Proficient kayaker. Can self-rescue in most conditions. Looking for a challenge. Is happy to paddle all day without a break!

No previous experience is required for any of our rafting trips.
  1. River grade 2
  2. River grade 3-4
  3. River grade 4-5



    No previous experience is required.

  1. Walking on the flat, maybe getting your feet wet a little.
  2. Some scrambling and wading through pools. No technical climbing. 4-5 hours activity.
  3. As for 2 but a longer day, and including a river crossing . 6+ hours of activity.


    0) Be honest, you are a couch potato, why are you looking at this page?

    a) Basic level of fitness. You are fit because you have an active daily life and don't have much spare time for sport.

    b) Moderate level of fitness. You do some sport once a week and make an effort to stay fit.

    c) Good level of fitness. Exercise is important to you. You purposefully make time to do weight training or go on long bike rides or walks.

    d) Fit person. Not only do you take your exercise seriously but you have considerable stamina for endurance activities.

    e) Fitness junkie. Keeping fit and exercising are part of your life. You are going to be racing the guide!

No previous experience is required.

  1. Flat walking on well-maintained tracks.
  2. Earth tracks and paths, some moderate ups and downs.
  3. Rough, stony path in parts, steep descent in parts.
    Mountain Biking  

No previous mountain-biking experience is required but you do need to be    able to ride a bike!

  1. Flat tracks or roads.

  2. Earth tracks and quiet asphalted back-roads, a few moderate ups and downs.
  All photos on this web site were taken during our activities..
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